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Pine Mountain Baptist Association
November, 2017 --- Number Twenty-Eight


As the Apostle Paul would say (and did say to the Churches in Galatia) –


“To the churches in Pine Mountain.  Grace to you and peace from God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins to rescue us from this present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.  To whom be the glory forever and ever.  Amen.”






Let us continue to give THANKS that Sarah Culpepper looks, sounds and is jolly good as she continues her recovery after receiving a Kidney Transplant!  Please pray that the ever effervescent and energetic Sarah not over do it!  She is concerned about our churches turning in their annual reports!  Please prayerfully answer her request to fill out the data. 


We are also thankful that Wayne Hollaway got a good report after some recent tests – and as he says, he is enjoying “the gift of another life extension – thanking God.”  Ahmen! 


Also, please be in prayer for Oleta Brown who is still in pain, even when wearing a brace, after her fall off a ladder. 




We enjoyed our Annual Association Meeting on October 15th hosted by Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Our hosts could not have been more hospitable!  They rolled out the red carpet!  We truly enjoyed “a love feast” otherwise known as a Fellowship Supper prior to the most efficient meeting!  Our Moderator Gary Hartman also stepped up to preach a heartfelt message – even though he did not have his notes with him as he was not planning to preach.  He stepped into “the breech” and hit a home run!  Our fellowship was warm and toasty!  Waverly Hall earns “special praise” for having an outstanding attendance, second only to our Bethlehem Hosts!  No Association could have had a more convivial affair!


As I mentioned above, Sarah Culpepper is encouraging us to fill out and turn in our Annual Church Reports (ACRs).  Sarah has sent each pastor a packet with instructions on filling out the report.  We can also do it online ( though you will need to use your id number that is included in the packet Sarah sent.  She needs our churches to fill out these reports so she can complete our Association minutes for 2017.  PLEASE HELP.




Has any of our churches contacted First Baptist Church of Pinson? I explained in last month’s newsletter this church  bringing about 20-30 people to Callaway Gardens for a meeting/retreat and want to participate in some Mission Project in our Area on Saturday morning, Feb. 17th from between 9-12 noon???  If you have contacted FBC Pinson please let me know.  This is an OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE 20 to 30 willing Baptists “canvass your area” or do something else as an outreach!  Please let me know and/or call Tammy Benedict at 205 602 4777!


Please keep in mind how Jimmy Blanton of the Columbus Association is hosting a “RENOVATE MY CHURCH” Conference May 1-3 of 2018 featuring some top speakers and consultants like Thom Rainer, H.B. Charles, John Ed Mathison, Bill Purvis and Larry Wynn.  The goal is to “Help Today’s Churches Succeed Tomorrow.”  Early registration (five months out) will be 40% off.  Please join him in praying for this conference.  Also, please be in prayer for Jimmy and his health!




I attended a regional meeting of Associational Missionaries this month in Columbus in which we were updated on developments and opportunities within the state of Georgia for our churches.  We were reminded how trained VBS and SS workers directly correlate to children coming to know Christ as Savior and Lord.  Please take note that the 2018 VBS Jump Start Conference in our area (Columbus at Schomberg Road Baptist Church) will be Feb. 22, 2018.  This is a “no registration and no fee event”!  By the way, did you know that 25% of baptisms reported within the Southern Baptist Convention come from Vacation Bible Schools?  If you need help with a VBS let me know as there are Georgia Baptist Mission resources such as the Jump Starts, VBS clinics and VBS Partnerships.  During our meeting we talked about the most “user friendly” Bibles for children:  The new Lifeway Bible, the CSB, and the ESV and NKJV.


As always, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you in your churches.  I attended Wednesday Evening Bible Studies at Waverly Hall, Hamilton Road, Pine Mountain Valley First Baptist and Melody Lakes.  I preached in the Sunday Morning Worship Service at Hunter Road and talked to the Men at a Brotherhood Luncheon on a Sunday morning at FBC Pine Mountain.   I had two one-on-one sessions with pastors and was able to visit with Jimmy and Sarah Culpepper.  Our Monthly Ministers’ Meeting was well attended at the Country Store in Pine Mountain.  It was simply a really good “time of togetherness.”  As I noted above, I can’t (cahn’t) imagine any Association having a better Annual Meeting than the one we had at Bethlehem on October 15th!!!


                                                                                                 In Christ’s Love,

                                                  Paul R. Baxter